This was without a doubt one of the most exciting projects I’ve filmed. I can’t reveal the name of the companies involved as this was a private event. However I am allowed to say that this video was made for one of the top 3 sporting companies in the world.

Event Description
It was the annual conference for Company B, hosted by Company A.

Company A contacted me and let me know they’d be having a ‘Secret Paint Party’ event for Company B at a secret location. They wanted the event captured on film. When we arrived on location that night, the event kicked off with an hour of fun activities; a bucking bull ride, a feather grab machine and a dress-up photo/video booth.

After an hour of activities, the MC of Company A went up on stage dressed in a white jumpsuit and goggles. She announced that there was a ‘surprise’ Paint Party within the next half an hour and all those that’d wish to participate would have to sign a waiver and dress in a similar white uniform.

The waivers were signed by 150-200 participants and then the paint guns and buckets came out.

Luckily the cameras survived the night with only a few small paint splatters to one of the camera’s body.

A big night to remember. It also marks a huge highlight in my career as a professional videographer. Company A has now labelled me as their official videographer for all their events in Queensland, Australia after the success of this video.