Wow! This was without a doubt one of our most nerve racking shoots…

Kimmy was the winner of a video giveaway on our website earlier this year. The first few days we landed in Cape Town, South Africa the weather was very windy and rainy. Eventually we got a cloudy day so we met up with Kimmy, found a scenic pier / jetty and started to film there.

After only a few minutes of filming Kimmy performing some ballet spins in epic slow motion, some thunder clouds rapidly started forming and it started PELTING DOWN hard on the pier which we were filming. We had to cover up the camera and leg it a good 50 metres to shelter. Our Canon EOS 60D ended up getting splattered all over lens and body with water but surprisingly there was no internal/external damage.

The next few days we struggled to film Kimmy again due to bad weather or time clashes with her full day dance rehearsals. Finally on our second LAST day in South Africa we had one last opportunity to film Kimmy. The location was the gorgeous Ernie Els Winery in Stellenbosch.

But there were a few conditions which had us worried… we only had a 3 hour window to film everything, the grass proved to be very difficult to dance on, the sloping hill made the ground uneven. And finally the Stellenbosch sunset turned out to be alot harsher then the Australian sunset. Yet despite all those conditions Kimmy was able to perform her amazing ballet moves and we were able to film enough quality footage to put together what turned out to be one of our most hardest yet most rewarding edit ever!