True talent. I filmed this clip of ‘Liquid Rush’ after I filmed his midnight audition clip for a dance competition. It was around 3am when Liquid Rush started mucking around with his hands and I offered to film him doing some moves. This is what resulted.

I used nothing but a street light for the lighting (no colour correction / grading) and I was blown away at how great the video quality turned out. He had the song playing via his earphones and I synced up the audio to the footage in post editing. Rush had already memorized the soundtrack (that’s how he knew when the sound effects were coming) but his moves here are COMPLETELY freestyle.

As it was 3am there were very few passerbys in the street. It would’ve looked quite strange to see Rush performing in front of the camera (to see what it looked like from my perspective -mute the audio).

Huge thank you to Coyote Kisses for giving me their permission for the use of their incredible soundtrack.

Dancer: Liquid Rush
Producer: Benny Kaz of KazFilms
Location: Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast Australia
Soundtrack: Coyote Anthem HARD (Coyote Kisses Remix)

-Benny Kaz