“Plugged in my earphones and forgot about the world for an hour”

My first time ever using Twixtor. After watching David HJ. Lindberg’s – The Beauty of Mud (4000 fps) I was inspired and impressed by his video description: “Phantom camera ($100,000) vs Canon 550D ($760)”.

So I took my Canon 600D with a $90 50mm f1.8 II lens, set the Shutterspeed on 1/4000 and let it roll. Filmed myself on a tripod at f1.8 (also estimated the focus to where I’d be when I flip). Placed a 52mm UV filter over the 50mm f1.8 lens so the sand couldn’t ruin the glass.

Shot in Cinestyle, then used Magic Bullet to color grade. Twixtor was a pain at the start, then after 2 hours of trail and error, it became quite straight forward.

Thank you to Traxx Project for the amazing track! Check him out here: facebook.com/traxxproject